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Here's what our Members have to say about us...

"I always wanted to provide my patients with more than my skills as a physical therapist. I became an Academy Member and implemented their turnkey wellness system to provide my patients with a solution that actually works and they enjoy. I couldn't have done it without the Medical Fitness Academy."

Daniel J,
Physical Therapist
San Francisco, CA

"I can't believe I didn't find out about this sooner. A fellow colleague implemented your turnkey wellness system of how-to's and strategies and is doing EXTREMELY WELL! I'm looking forward to doing the same."

Jim P, MD
Family Physician
Hot Springs, AR

"This is the first time that adding a medical fitness and wellness program to my practice actually made sense.  You have made it so easy to implement a profitable program using most of the equipment and office space I already had.  Your help was worth 100 times what I'm paying for it."

John A.
Physical Therapist
Kerrville, TX

"Your turnkey wellness system has been tremendous.  I was able to go to my inactive patient files and create a whole additional stream of income that almost rivals what I collect from patient care.  Thank you!"

  Robert K., DC
Iowa City, IA

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 Medical Fitness Academy Now Offering “Done For You” Turnkey Wellness System
If you haven’t heard yet, the Medical Fitness Academy is now offering qualified healthcare professionals a unique opportunity to implement our Medical Fitness Formula™ Turnkey Wellness System in their practices. I can’t express how excited I am about this, and so far the feedback from healthcare professionals has been overwhelmingly positive! The reason we decided to offer a comprehensive turnkey [...]

 How Fitness Professionals Help Healthcare Professionals Build Larger Practices And Attract New Patients
One of the most overlooked personally-rewarding and lucrative opportunities that most fitness professionals miss is collaborating with healthcare practitioners in developing a medical fitness program together. With the latest trend of including both exercise and nutrition as part of patient consultation and care plans, fitness professionals stand to expand their careers and income by knowing how to approach practitioners and work [...]

 How To Use Medical Fitness To Attract More New Patients
Most physical therapists and chiropractors who are in private practice find they need multiple ways to attract new patients.  While patient referrals from other healthcare practitioners and patients are always a preferred type of new patient, physical therapists and chiropractors must still market for additional new patients if they want to grow and maintain a [...]

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 Considering a Fitness Franchise as a Wellness Program to Your Practice? Think Again…
Most healthcare professionals that I talk to love the idea of incorporating a medical fitness program into their practice, because of the obvious benefits of being able to really help their patients be more healthy and adding an all-cash revenue stream to their income. This much is pretty consistent within the healthcare industry. However, there [...]

Attract More New Patients,
Offer More Cash-Based Services,
& Multiply Your Income By Becoming
A Wellness Force In Your Community

Healthcare practitioners have a unique opportunity to make a greater impact on the long-term health and longevity of their patients by helping them make appropriate lifestyle changes that empower their health.  This includes advocating wellness and regular exercise as part of their healthcare and lifestyle management.

The Medical Fitness Academy is committed to promoting and fostering the development and operational success of medically-integrated fitness and wellness programs in healthcare practices throughout our nation.

Let Us Help You Make A Difference

The Medical Fitness Academy offers personalized Consulting Programs that are designed to help you...

Use proven systems and protocols to develop an efficient and systematized approach to the delivery of your wellness program services.
Reduce your learning curve so you don't have to figure it out all on your own.
Fast-track your program's implementation and get your program profitable soon after you launch it.
Avoid costly mistakes that can hinder your program's progress and financial success.

By using the leverage created from years of experience and a proven track record coupled with the "right" blueprint for your practice, you'll feel confident that you will provide your patients with a better wellness program and services than they could ever receive anywhere else.

Whether you want to use our proven turnkey wellness system and implement it within 90 days in your practice, or a want to develop your own wellness program and prefer one-to-one consulting and training to get your program off the ground quickly and making a profit... We Have A Solution For You!

Your Opportunity for a New, Ongoing Cash Revenue Stream

Wellness Programs are one of the best opportunities you have to stabilize your future growth and profitability because...

You generate cash revenue immediately after you launch your program.
You generate more income from your active and inactive patient, client, or member base when you expand your services.
You improve patient and client retention by providing a "continuity wellness program" that produces effective outcomes.
You take advantage of the opportunity created from the built in weaknesses in the fitness and weight loss industries today by offering your patients a better, results-driven solution.
You attract more compliant people into your practice by blending your current services with lifestyle-based fitness and wellness programs under one roof.
You lessen your dependence on third party pay if you're a healthcare practitioner and reduce the control insurance companies have on your financial future.

Step into the Future and Become Part of the Solution

Join my Medical Fitness ProgramHealthcare practitioners hold the key to empowering their patients to live healthier and more active lifestyles.  A lifestyle-based fitness and wellness program can provide them with the RIGHT SOLUTION… it’s a simple, scientifically supported, and universally accepted way to provide unlimited health benefits to the greatest number of your patients at one time.

You have a unique opportunity to incorporate health-promoting lifestyle interventions as a part of your healthcare planning.  It’s time to take action and expand your services to include wellness programs that improve the overall health of your patients.

The Medical Fitness Academy…
Dedicated To Your Greater Success & Financial Freedom

Our mission is to teach, guide, and help healthcare practitioners get involved in wellness and fitness at a level that makes both practical and financial sense.  We are a team of wellness practice consultants and marketing experts who have been shaping profitable solutions for healthcare practitioners for almost 20 years.  Let us help you start and grow a wellness program that will allow you to achieve higher profitability and greater success in practice.

To accomplish this, the Medical Fitness Academy offers help to interested healthcare practitioners who want to set up and implement staff-operated wellness and medical fitness programs with self-supported marketing programs in their practices.

Begin your journey to
greater success and financial freedom today!

Member of the Medical Fitness Association Member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine
Wayne Westcott, Ph.D. "Your model of wellness and personal exercise is very inspiring. Thanks for your promotion of sensible exercise and healthy lifestyles. Continued success with your excellent work. God Bless."  
                                                 -- Wayne Westcott, Ph.D.